Smali pattern english

1.000 kr.

This is an Icelandic yoke sweater with a very modern fit. I call it “expedition style”: the back edge curves down and is longer than the front edge, the body is fitted, the sleeves are very slim and have a thumb hole as well as elbow shaping, the hood is snug to give extra warmth, even when not on your head it makes a protective collar. “Smali” is designed for sheep herding in the Icelandic highlands in any weather conditions☺


Body and sleeves are worked in the round from lower edge to the underarms, and then joined to work yoke in the round. Round begins at left side of body. On yoke, round begins on the left side of back near the joining of body and sleeve. Stranded knitting in yoke.
Sizes: 36, 38, 42

Circumference of body/ chest: 95, (103, 107) cm / 37.4(4.6; 44.1) inches
Circumference middle of body shaping: 89, (97, 101) cm / 35(38.2; 39.8) inches
Sleeve length (reaches to beginning of fingers): 51, (52, 54) cm / 20.1(20.5; 21.3) inches
Sleeve width at top: 32, (34, 37) cm / 12.6(13.4; 14.6) inches
Length of body under arm: 35, (36, 38) cm (middle of back + 6cm)
Unspun Icelandic wool from “ plötulopi”, 2 strands together!
About this unspun wool: it easily comes apart so you need to knit with care and not pull too hard, it might take a little practice at first. When joining ends: overlap the strands for a few cm (one short end, one long end on both sides) and knit, no knotting, no loose ends afterwards! This wool is very loose at first and “hairy” but strong once knit up. With a little time and wear it will felt a little and stop shedding fibers. It is uniquely light and warm!

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